"Making a living with music is important... But what's even more important is...
Making a DIFFERENCE in someone's life ~
So I strive to inspire the world through creating music and sharing my process."

Carlos Villalobos, (aka/ CJ Villa), is a musician, songwriter, producer, and composer mostly recognized for his nouveau flamenco project, Esperanza (formerly, La Esperanza), and his work on 'Empire' (FOX), 'Baywatch Hawaii' (NBC), 'Sex & The City (HBO), among others.  

From writing and producing rock and pop music, to scoring films and commercials, to recording original material on his own record label, Alistar Records, he is a musician, artist, producer, songwriter and mixer who also sings, plays guitars, keyboards, drums, and bass on all his music as recorded in his private studio. 

Carlos was first introduced to the tv/film music world when he wrote, produced, performed and mixed the theme song, “Let Me Be The One”, as well as the original music, for the television series, Baywatch Hawaii, in its final season. Since then he has had his music on the HBO show, Sex & The City, as well as various other shows and movie trailers (see Discography).  He actively writes and produces original music in many different genres and is regularly hired to perform, write and/or produce for artists and publishers. He frequently contributes music to television shows including EMPIRE, Star, CSI:NY, Criminal Minds, How I Met Your Mother, Dexter, Smallville, American Idol, among others.

Carlos is currently working on the network TV show EMPIRE and continues to live and work between Los Angeles and Chicago writing and producing for tv, film and other recording artists.